PrincipalĀ® Financial Group: How to Roll Out a Data Governance Program Across Multiple Business Units

Tuesday, June 29, 2021
10:00 AM CT/ 4:00 PM BST

Would a proven, repeatable process help you expand your Data Governance program enterprise-wide?

If you answered yes, join Infogix for “How to Roll Out a Data Governance Program across Multiple Business Units” that features data governance experts Rebekah Stickfort and Marisa Macho from Principal® Financial Group. They will share how Principal identified the best starting point and developed a repeat-able process that allowed them to expand enterprise-wide.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • How and where to begin introducing a Data Governance solution
  • The importance of creating ‘buzz’ about Data Governance
  • Best practices of a repeat-able process to ensure successful expansion
  • Tips on how to measure data governance success



Rebekah Stickfort

Enterprise Data Governance, Principal®

Rebekah, Enterprise Data Governance Manager at Principal. She’s responsible for the development of the overall enterprise framework and strategy as well as for leading a team that governs enterprise concepts. Over the past decade, Rebekah has experienced firsthand the downside of not having proper data governance. This has served to develop a passion in her for educating others about the benefits of data governance and quality - showing them how it can propel organizations from the mundane to the extraordinary.


Marisa Macho

Enterprise Data Governance, Principal®

Marisa, a Data Engineer for Principal, practices data governance at the domain level and with an enterprise perspective. Currently, she is focused on educating Principal’s business areas about governance principles, developing an enterprise governance program, and onboarding business areas to Principal’s metadata management and governance facilitation tool. Marisa believes in a holistic approach to data and the importance of close relationships with privacy and information technology allies.

Kelsey Coffin Picture.jpg

Kelsey Coffin

Business Consultant, Infogix, Inc.

Kelsey is a Manager in the Data Governance Group responsible for supporting clients throughout their data governance journey, including the incorporation of the Infogix Data360® Platform. Kelsey is passionate about creating an eco-system of well-understood data after years of being frustrated by bad data.